Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Congressman Ford Shines On "Kudlow & Company"

On Tuesday afternoon Congressman Harold Ford Jr. appeared on CNBC's "Kudlow & Company". As always, the Congressman was calm, cool, and collective all the while providing real solutions for real problems. Once again, he showed us why he is the 'Real Deal'.

During his appearance on CNBC Tuesday evening, Congressman Ford said he would be willing to give back some of 'transportation pork projects' if his colleagues would be willing to do that to pay for the huge spending proposals President Bush has put forth for Katrina relief and the reconstruction of the gulf coast region.

Ford went on to say that there is almost $35 billion in pork within the transportation bill along with pork in the energy bill, and pork in the Medicare prescription drug bill, in which he is ready to give back if his colleagues are serious about lowering deficit.

He pointed out that over the past four years the Republicans had ran up a deficit over $1 trillion and asked where the restraint on spending was. Ford emphasized that he was one member of Congress who is not only willing to give back his pork but to put all spending decisions Congress has made in the past five years, along with the tax cuts on the table.

Ford said one tax cut that he would look at in particularly would be the break companies receive when they move their business overseas. While Ford conceded they have every right to move their company, he added they won't be getting a tax break while our country is going through the difficult times as it is currently.

The Congressman was quick to point out that over the past few years the government has grown at a bigger rate faster pace than ever before. Ford proposed if Congress is serious about becoming fiscally discipline that they have a budget summit. He said the President should sit down with leaders in Congress and be honest of where we are now and how we are going to pay for the war, Katrina, and other obligations such as the enormous Medicare prescription drug package.

When asked if he would vote for the Budget Reconciliation Act to extend the capital gains and dividends tax cuts two more years, Congressman Ford said he supported the extension of the cuts, but would have to see the whole package. He added if the package included making permanent the elimination of the estate tax, then he would not support the act. However, he made it clear, he supported the extension of the capital gains and dividends tax cuts.

Finally, when asked what his number one priority for promoting economic growth Congressman Ford said we must balance the budget, pass a constitutional amendment to do so, commit to a five year plan to reduce our dependence on Mid East oil by 75%, and put forth the initiative to produce a million new engineers and scientists in the next ten years, if we want to complete globally.

When asked in an email why he keeps having Congressman Ford appear on his show, host Larry Kudlow said the following, "Because Mr. Ford is a very intelligent knowledgeable and effective house member, sir."

Mr. Kudlow, you know, you are right. Congressman Ford is very intelligent, knowledgeable, and effective. That is why we must elect him to the U.S. Senate in 2006.

Lets get Congressman Harold Ford Jr. the opportunity to make Tennessee as proud of him as he is proud of Tennessee.