Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ford Comments On The Resuce Of Roy A. Hallums

"Roy A. Hallums, the Cordova man held hostage in Iraq since Nov. 1, was rescued Wednesday south of Baghdad when troops raided a remote farmhouse after being tipped off by an Iraqi detainee.

The 311-day ordeal ended when troops freed Hallums and an unidentified captive Iraqi national, according to the Multi-National Force-Iraq Combined Press Information Center in Baghdad. Hallums was reported to be in good condition."

Commenting on the release of Mr. Hallums, Congressman Harold Ford said the following:

"I am both happy and relieved to hear that Mr. Roy Hallums has been found by coalition forces and will be safely returned to his family and his hometown. Mr. Hallums has been in our constant thoughts and prayers since he was kidnapped last November ... We commend Mr. Hallums for his bravery and resilience in what could only be described as an excruciating ordeal."

Source: The Commercial Appeal