Friday, September 02, 2005

Ford Calls On Frist, Hastert To Suspend Congressional Business To Allow Congress To Personally Assist In Relief Effort

Congressman Harold Ford sent the following letter to Senate Majority Leader Frist and House Speaker Hastert today:

Dear Senator Frist and Speaker Hastert,

I am writing to urge you to suspend Congressional business for the week of Tuesday, September 6 to allow members in states affected by Hurricane Katrina, including Tennessee, to be home assisting in the delivery of essential services to their constituents. The House of Representatives and the Senate can be in pro forma session to ensure compliance with our constitutional requirements and so that members may be called upon to vote if required.

In addition, I am requesting official transportation for those of us who want to assist with relief efforts. Because the Congressional leadership has provided official transportation for extraordinary circumstances in the past, it would be consistent with precedent to provide that same transportation now.

I thank you once again for your consideration of these requests.


Harold Ford