Friday, September 02, 2005

Congressman Harold Ford Working To Help Tennessee Obtain A Federal Disaster Declaration

As a result of Tennessee’s wide-scale efforts to provide emergency resources to people displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Congressman Harold Ford is supporting Governor Bredesen’s efforts to obtain a federal disaster declaration for Tennessee.

Ford signed on to the following letter:

Dear Mr. President:

We are writing to urge you to approve the State of Tennessee's request for a federal disaster declaration for the entire state as a result of the effects of Hurricane Katrina beginning on August 29. Governor Phil Bredesen is specifically requesting Public Assistance Category B for emergency protective measures at 100% federal assistance.

Across Tennessee, state and local resources have been activated to address the needs of thousands of refugees from areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The state is opening shelters that are prepared to accept as many as 10,000 evacuees, and additional state and local resources are being mobilized to support short and long term recovery efforts for countless others. However, the amount of resources that are needed to effectively address this crisis are overwhelming and beyond the capabilities of the State of Tennessee.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, the Tennessee Military Department, the American Red Cross, and a number of additional state agencies are working diligently to coordinate the state's response to this tragedy. Resources from several of the state's departments will be used over the next 60 to 90 days to provide medical care, educational services, and shelter for refugees. Some areas of the state will experience sudden increases in population that will strain local resources as well, but every effort is being made to ensure that those affected receive the services they need.

Thank you for your consideration of Tennessee's request for relief, and know that that the State of Tennessee is ready to help all those suffering in the wake of this disaster in their time of need. Please contact our offices should any additional information be needed.