Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Updated: Is Kurita On Her Way Out?

After raising only $54,000 last quarter–or 8% of what Harold Ford Jr. raised, Senator Rosalind Kurita appears to be on a downward spiral. (She also spent $20,000 more than she raised in the quarter) To further demonstrate the problems Kurita is having raising money, one only has to look at her cash on hand. Out of the $221,134 that she has left, $50,000 of it is from her own pocket. With those type of numbers, one can only speculate how much longer her candidacy can survive.

Update: To add fuel to the fire, rumors are now running rampant that campaign manager Kimberly Wood has walked out on the Kurita campaign. (She also no longer appears on Kurita's staff listing, which raises more speculation) Is this yet another indicator that Kurita's campaign is on life support? We will see.

Update #2: We have been able to cofirm the rumors we reported last week about Kurita campaign manager, Kimberly Wood. This is a report that the Hotline picked up from the Lebanon Democrat:

Drift Wood Out To Sea

Brewer further reports the campaign of state Sen. Rosalind Kurita (D) "took yet another blow with the loss" of manager Kimberly Wood. Wood "leaves on the heals of an abysmal" 2ndQ fundraising disclosure from Kurita "that failed to reach six figures." Wood said her decision to leave was "absolutely not" about the campaign's seemingly limited finances. Wood: "I have decided it is in my best interest right now to move on to something else. This decision was very pleasant and very friendly. ... I came on to the campaign knowing I might not be there for the long haul. I came on as a fund-raising consultant, and now my job is done." Other TN Dems "close to the Kurita campaign say staff cuts have been made in recent weeks" (Lebanon Democrat, 8/17).