Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bryant and Company Still Bankrupt On Ideas For Iraq

On Tuesday, Blogging For Bryant published a post attacking Congressman Ford for his recent letter to President Bush in which he urged the President to return to Washington to ensure our troops have the necessary body armor. This comes only a day after I wrote that the Republicans must offer new ideas and answer the tough questions regarding Iraq. This latest attack on Congressman Ford and his efforts to help our troops further demonstrates yet again that the Republican would rather issue attacks instead of offering up new ideas and solutions for problems that face our state and nation.

Instead of aggressively speaking out on the issue of Iraq (much the way they did when it popular thing to do), Republicans now remain mum, only saying we should support the troops and stay the course. However, it is now clear, the current course that we are taking in Iraq is not working. The American troops in Iraq and their families back home deserve better than what the President and his allies are offering up. Harold Ford Jr. understands that and is working towards a solution in which we can successfully achieve our goals and bring our troops home in a timely manor, with honor.

The question is simple: Is a candidate who won't offer his thoughts and ideas on the nation's most important issue, worthy of being a U.S. Senator?

That is the question that must be asked of Ed Byrant, Van Hilleary, and Bob Corker. Maybe if the candidates quit worrying about insignificant issues such as partisan endorsements and debating Jane Fonda, they would find time to express their views and offer up ideas on this pressing issue.

Tennessee deserves a U.S. Senator who is willing to work for real solutions on tough issues, not one who runs away from them. There is only one candidate that does just that and that is Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

Read Congressman Ford's plan for Iraq here!

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