Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Harold Ford Jr. Recieves AFL-CIO Endorsement

The Tennessee AFL-CIO announced their endorsement today of Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. for U.S. Senate. The endorsment was made at the Tennessee AFL-CIO 24th Biennial Convention in Nashville. Ford released the following statement:

"I am gratified and encouraged by the endorsement of my friends who build, fix, teach, serve and attend to the needs of people across our state and country. The AFL-CIO endorsement is another important sign of progress for this campaign. I look forward to working with my friends to develop a serious competitiveness strategy for America that invests in people, encourage entrepreneurship and reward job creators. In the end, America's ability to compete and win in the world marketplace depends on business and government working together to keep America safe and strong for all of us. Again, I thank my friends at the AFL-CIO for the confidence in our campaign."

Update: The following excerpts are from today's KnoxNews in regard to the AFL-CIO's endorsement of Congressman Ford:

"The convention heard Ford speak Monday night, and the Memphis congressman "brought down the house," with delegates "standing up, shouting and clapping," said Eddie Bryan, secretary-treasurer of the state AFL-CIO."

"The next morning, Bryan said, the statewide labor organization unanimously endorsed Ford's candidacy. Ford still faces state Sen. Rosalind Kurita, D-Clarksville, in the Democratic primary next year, and at least three Republicans are vying for their party's U.S. Senate nomination. Kurita also spoke to the convention, but Bryan said Republican candidates "didn't even answer our letters" inviting them to speak."