Thursday, February 04, 2010

Setting the Record Straight

The New York Magazine recently erroneously reported that Congressman Ford didn't know where he lived in New York. That assertion is far from the truth as Ford knows exactly where he lives and how far it is from where the 9/11 trial was supposed to occur. The fact is the magazine misquoted Ford in a speech. Thankfully, they corrected the mistake as did Politico.

Liz Benjamin of the New York Daily News blog also mistakenly reported that Harold has never met with or spoke to the New York Democratic Party Chairman, Jay Jacobs, before, and that's wrong too. The fact is they spoke last week for 15 minutes and agreed to meet face to face when the Chairman returns from an overseas business trip.

On to Substance

Ford continues to listen to voter anxiety about jobs and taxes - too few jobs and too high taxes. Today's stock market decline is another reminder how rising unemployment and sovereign debt concerns continue to stifle growth. Harold remains committed to a jobs bill that cuts payroll and business taxes and redirects a big part of unspent stimulus money designated for states to cities so that money can be spent sooner on work and infrastructure projects, first responders and teachers. In addition, Ford supports the 'Cash for Caulkers' program espoused by President Obama, and urges a cash for energy efficient appliances program to encourage the purchase of new kitchen and household appliances.

Unfortunately, Senator Gillibrand continues to attack Harold for travelling the state and listening to voters and then trying to offer answers. It is, however, heartening and encouraging that Washington Democrats, including Senator Schumer, are listening to Harold's advice on payroll tax cuts, reining in government spending and moving the 9/11 trial out of New York.