Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gillibrand's Baseless Attacks and Pitiful Attempts to Distract From Her Pathetic Record of Killing Jobs in New York

Below is a statement released by Ford spokesperson Tammy Sun:

"Harold is considering whether to run for senate and if he becomes a candidate, he will disclose specific details of his taxes, as he did while serving in public office for 10 years as a Congressman. Harold is right now focused on listening to and learning from New Yorkers as they talk about the need for a senator who creates jobs and cuts taxes -- rather than indulging in political games about his private life.

So to be clear: Harold has always paid New York taxes and filed the appropriate New York tax returns for all income earned in New York. And as a New York resident as of 2009, he is filing a resident tax return this year.

Suggestions to the contrary by the unelected Senator are sad and pathetic attempts to distract New Yorkers from her low approval numbers and even worse record of raising taxes and killing jobs in New York."