Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BREAKING: The Unelected Hypocrite May Not Have Filed or Paid All Her New York Taxes

In a stunning admission today, New York's unelected hypocrite admitted to not releasing her own tax information in 2006 when she ran for Congress from Albany. According to New York press reports today, she NEVER released her tax information regarding income she earned as a high-paid tobacco apologist at a big law firm in New York City.

What a hypocrite!

She will ask of others (who aren't even candidates) and then falsely accuse others of things she is guilty of herself. She should release all of her tax returns from when she was a lawyer in New York City immediately and prove that she paid and filed New York taxes on all her bonuses as a tobacco apologist.

Harold Ford Jr. always released his tax returns for whatever years he was asked to when he was in public office and when he was a candidate. And Harold has paid and filed all taxes on all New York income. The unelected hypocrite owes New York a full explanation. No amount of accusing Harold can obscure the fact that she's a hypocrite. Release your taxes before 2006 so we can all see if you filed and paid.