Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TNDP Chairman Chip Forrester Praises Ford's Commitment to the Democratic Party

Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester said he disagrees with some of the New York political pundits who are trying to paint former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr. as an extremist.

"Harold Ford Jr. is a bold, independent and progressive leader who has championed Democratic causes his entire political life," Forrester said. "If you examine his record in Congress, it was pro labor, pro choice, pro environment and pro civil rights.

"I have known him and his family for a long time. He has campaigned tirelessly for Democrats here in Tennessee and all across the country. Anyone who claims Harold Ford Jr. is an extremist doesn't understand the man or what he has done to promote the Democratic Party. When he was a congressman here in Tennessee, he worked as hard as anyone I know to support local and state-wide Democratic candidates for office, as well as those on the national ticket.

"He campaigned for Al Gore's 2000 presidential bid, as well as John Kerry's in 2004 and Barack Obama's in 2008. And he helped us defeat a right-wing 'English-Only' referendum in Nashville last year. Anyone who questions his commitment to the Democratic Party just doesn't know him," he added.