Friday, October 06, 2006

Is Corker's False Advertising Illegal?

Yesterday someone on the blogosphere asked a very good question: is Bob Corker's false advertising illegal?

The blogger writes:

This is the second time Bob has gathered them together to give a testimonial on his behalf, saying… “I live in Chattanooga.” “I live in Chattanooga.” “We’re from Chattanooga.” No, you’re not.You’re a bunch of liars. The Corker campaign has just been forced to admit that these people aren’t really from Chattanooga.This isn’t a real testimonial.It’s a lie. When Toyota or McDonald’s or Weight Watchers does something like this, they have to put a little disclaimer on the bottom of the screen that says “dramatization” or “not an actual customer”… OTHERWISE THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW. Is Corker breaking the law?*Are there any experts in campaign law that can answer that question?* The Corker campaign refuses to say how many, if any, of these people have ever lived in Chattanooga or if they happened to be there during Bob’s tenure as mayor.So when these people tell you how great Bob was, they’re not speaking from experience—although they claim to be, over and over and over.HOW IS THIS NOT FALSE ADVERTISING? Corporations get in huge trouble for this!Politicians should too!*You can’t have a product or person claim to be something they’re not in a commercial.*It’s a crime. The entire purpose and power of a testimonial ad is that it’s real.You use real people telling real stories about real life in order to build a bond of trust and goodwill with the audience.But there’s nothing real about this ad.This ad is all about duplicity and manipulation. We live in Chattanooga.We know.”That’s what they say, and that’s why were suppose to believe them.But we’re being lied to, over and over again. It’s just more lies from Bob Corker.

To be honest, I don't know if it is a crime to willfully lie in a campaign ad like Corker had these people to do. However, it wouldn't be the first time Bob has broke the law. (hired illegal workers and the land deal)

But I do know one thing: Bob Corker will stop at nothing in this race.

He has no integrity and no cooth about him. That is clear.

Tennessee can't afford Bob the Fraud!