Thursday, October 05, 2006

Corker Campaign Will Stop At Nothing; Supporters In New Ad Not From Chattanooga

It is becoming more clear with each passing day that Bob Corker will stop at nothing in this race. His continuous lies and attacks on Congressman Ford tell us that.

However, I think Bob's latest dirty trick takes the cake.

According to reports, the folks in Corker's new ad who praise him for being a great Mayor aren't even from Chattanooga.

The Associated Press reports:

"Some of the people praising Republican Senate candidate Bob Corker for the job he did as mayor of Chattanooga in TV ads don't live in that city.

"We're from Chattanooga," one woman says in the commercial, as the camera pans across a group of about 60 people.

The Corker campaign confirmed Wednesday that not all those people live in Chattanooga or voted for Corker when he was elected mayor in 2001.

The most recent ad, which began airing Friday, praises Corker for lowering the city's property taxes and crime rate.

A similar ad, featuring the same people, ran before the Republican primary in August."

Corker is once again living up to his nickname Bob The Fraud.

The people in Chattanooga know the real Bob Corker. That is why the Corker camp had to hire folks from outside the city to come in and shoot the ad.

Even though Bob isn't going to win this Senate race, he can take consolation on one thing: he ran the most negative and deceitful campaign in Tennessee history.

No more frauds. It is time for a new generation of leadership.