Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Breakdown Of New Rasmussen Poll

As reported first on the Ford Report yesterday, Congressman Ford now enjoys a five points lead over Bob Corker according to the new Rasmussen poll.

These results match the latest results from Mason Dixon, the Benenson Group, and Survey USA which all have Congressman Ford leading Bob Corker.

Below I have posted the break down of the findings of the new poll. Once again, they show a trend: Ford gaining, Corker slipping.

Tennessee Senate

Harold Ford, Jr. (D) 48%
Bob Corker (R) 43%

Three-Poll Rolling Average

Surveys Ford Corker
Aug-Sep-Oct 45% 45%
Jul-Aug-Sep 41% 47%
May-Jul-Aug 39% 47%
Feb-May-Jul 37% 44%
Jan-Feb-May 38% 41%

Date Ford Corker
Oct 1 48% 43%
Sep 5 44% 45%
Aug 10 42% 48%
Jul 16 37% 49%
May 1 39% 43%
Feb 27 35% 39%
Jan 17 40% 42%

There has been no mention of this poll or the new Mason Dixon poll by the Corker camp.

I guess they are still trying to think of how they can spin these numbers.

Something tells me they are going to be thinking a while because you can spin the truth: Harold Ford Jr. is winning this race.

Keep it up Ford supporters! Don't stop now!