Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The True Character Of A Man

Throughout this campaign I have detailed to you the character, or I should say the lack of character of Bob Corker.

Now it is time to take a look at the character of the man we are support for the United States Senate: Harold Ford Jr.

I saw this comment on the Forward with Ford blog and just had to post it on here for everyone to read. It is very touching and shows you the real character and heart of our next U.S. Senator:
I have had the priviledge to meet Congressman Ford twice in my lifetime. There's an interesting story about the first one:

Back in April 1998 my 8th grade class took a field trip to Washington D.C. I had a close friend in my class who went on the trip with me, his name was Derek . The thing about Derek was, he had "muscular distrophy" since the age of 4, so he had to move around in an motorized wheelchair. When we went to see the Capital building, we heard a speech from Congressman Ford outside the building. Afterwards, my entire class was to tour the Capital, but we had a little problem. The elevator in the Capital building is not available to public access, so there was no way to get my friend Derek in there. Congressman Harold Ford Jr. saw this while he was very busy trying to take care of important business. Most Congressmen probably would have just simply continued to show how busy they were, but Congressman Ford came over to us and kindly escorted us through security to the elevator in the Capital building and we got participate in the tour with the rest of the class.

About 10 months later, in Feb. 1999, I was in a 9th grade class when I was called out into the hallway by a teacher, who then informed me that Derek had passed away in his sleep that night. I went to a room with a few other friends of Derek's and mine, and we cried for awhile, and then left school for the day because of our emotional situation.

I would just like to say thank you to Congressman Harold Ford Jr. for what you did for my friend that day. I know it really touched his life. Corker would have never done something so kind, but Ford saw our situation and opened up to us and helped us out. I dont think I could even begin to thank him enough by just campaigning for him. God bless you Ford.

Thanks to Joe444 for sharing this moving story with us.

This is the type man I want representing me in the United States Senate.