Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Republican Blogger Praises Ford's New Ad

Congressman Ford's latest ad seems to be going over very well among all voters--Democrat and Republican alike.

For instance, Austin from the Blue Collar Republican blog had the following to say about the new ad:

I must say that Harold Ford Jr.’s new commercial about him being forced to go to church was awesome. I may not agree with his politics, but whoever came up with that spot did one helluva great job. Also notice that Ford is focusing on the screw-ups of Bush and not bashing Corker while Corker is bashing Ford. That didn’t work for Bryant and it won’t work for Corker. Someone needs to call Nick and suggest they do some changing soon because Jr. is looking more human than Corker right now.

You know it is bad when even your own party members even know you are losing.

That kind of thing happens when you have no record to defend and no vision to fight for.