Friday, September 08, 2006

New Poll Spells Out Big Trouble For Corker

Yesterday on the Ford Report I broke the news that in the upcoming Rasmussen poll will show Congressman Ford down only one point to Republican Bob Corker. This is a big jump for Ford, as he was down by 12 points two polls ago and down 6 in the last poll.

Clearly, the momentum is on Congressman Ford's side and folks from all political spectrums are now admitting that. Below are just a few comments from the web that I found pretty insightful:

Kleinheider from Volunteer Voters: "The Corker folks can front all they want but polls showing Harold Ford within the margin of error are not good for them. Ford is getting closer and closer. He is clearly closing the gap.

If Corker does go down to defeat experts will point to the the time right after the primaries as the turning point. Corkerm, as of primary day, was way ahead of Ford in this race. He had a commanding lead. All he had to do was consolidate and run out the clock.

Instead Corker went somewhat invisible. He refused to debates and continues to relent to only the bare minimum of face to face meetings.

Four years ago or six years ago this might not have mattered. This is a red state after all and Harold Ford represents our most liberal district.

But the election takes place this year, in this political climate. Just being a good Republican businessman is not gonna cut it anymore. There is serious dissatisfaction with the President and Republicans in Congress.

There is a wave coming. The South is not immune. This race will be a fight to the finish. Corker may still be in the lead at this moment but the trend line is not good. Corker needs to get in the game. This race is not a layup."

Concerned in Memphis : Corker needs to turn it up a notch (or 2).

Joe: Rasmussen is definently a Republican-favored poll. So I am very optimistic about Congressman Ford right now. We cannot lose focus though, there is still two months to go, and Ford needs to spend at least 14 hours of everyone of those days campaigning!!!

Neal: Coming from a non-partisan, this poll is really bad news for Corker, and if you can’t see that, then either you know NOTHING about politics, or you are too blind with loyalty.

First, polls indeed are about trends…one thing you want to focus on is trends with the same pollster, the reason is because the same pollster will use the same methods, allowing you to better analyze the trends of the voting public while ignoring outside variables.If one pollster, Rasmussen, has Corker losing 12 points on ford in two months and in three polls…there is a SIGNIFICANT trend in Ford’s direction.

Second, one thing about polls that any idiot knows is something called Margin of Error. Corker’s one point lead over Ford, if that rumor is true, is considered by political scientists to be STATISTICALLY INSIGNIFICANT.

Thirdly, if Corker is within the Margin of Error in a state where Bush crushed Kerry, then he is a weak candidate…that doesn’t mean that he’ll lose necessarily, but that he is a weak candidate.

…Just a few lessons for you from someone who knows a thing or two about what he’s talking about….

Jay Bush: While I haven't seen the actual Rasmussen numbers, if what's being reported is accurate, Ford supporters should be pleased. I think most Republicans have given Ford credit where credit is due throughout this race, acknowledging that he's a formidable opponent.

eric ainge will be redeemed: Ford is down one in a poll that is known for oversampling Republicans. Now thats something to get excited about! I mean Rasmussen is the only pollster in America, who has Tester losing.

BlairBlvd: Losing is losing 11 points in two months. Polls aren't aboput snapshots, they're about trends.

What this poll says, and says very clearly, is that Bob Corker has spent $6 million, won a primary, and is losing support by the week.

Moderate Matt: Thats great news. This "toss-up" is exactly what Tennessee needs. A candidate that campaigns on issues and isn't afraid to speak bluntly and to the point...

surfbird007:This is great. I think Harold is really outdoing Corker in the ad war.

Y'all really need to get on the direct mail to Republican voters. There are a lot of people who don't trust Corker, and will appreciate Ford more principled stance and moderate views.

Anonymous: 12 points, 6 points, 1 point...can you say MOMENTUM? Sounds like Tennesseans are really responding to Ford's positive message for change!

joe4444: This is certainly good news (btw I'm the same Joe that comments on blogging for Corker, but please dont pay attention to my profile pic its a joke really, with a few good friends of mine). The thing is, though, that we cannot lose focus, we need to keep constantely campaigning for Ford at all costs. I think voters are starting to see that Corker has no issues to base himself on, and Ford clearly has a stronger focus and when people start to see that and compare him to Corker, theres no way theres any comparison, Ford clearly is the better candidate for this election.

Anonymous: Ford owned the airwaves this summer???? The Rethugs finished their primary Mid August, up to that point all I saw were Corker adds. Corker's cheesey adds about bridges and bags of ice lack even a shred of substance. Corky has peaked, not Ford. I appreciate the continued over confidence of Corky and his band of munchkins it makes things that much easier.

Corker should quit wasting his time and money and get back to working in the cookie shop with the other Keibler Elves.

No one can deny it: Harold Ford Jr. has the momentum in this race. All the polling shows it. Fundraising numbers show it. And people's attitude shows it.

Folks are ready for change and they know Harold Ford Jr. is the only candidate in this race really representing change. They have saw that Bob Corker is nothing more than just another Republican who will be a rubber stamp for the President and the Republicans in Washington D.C.

People want good results and real leadership from their government. They want a new generation of leadership.