Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Ford Ad Focuses On Education

The campaign of U.S. Senate nominee Harold Ford Jr. today launches a new television ad focusing on education. Entitled “New Generation,” the 30-second spot addresses personal responsibility, stopping cuts to education and student loans, and the nation’s need to provide solid educational opportunities so that America is competitive again.

Filmed in schools in Nashville and Waverly, the ad is running in all Tennessee media markets on broadcast and cable.

“Whenever I talk with kids, I tell them three things: work hard, play by the rules and keep God first,” Ford says in the ad. “It’s about responsibility. And we need to have some in Washington, too.

“Like no more $2 billion cuts to education and student loans. And when India and China are graduating three times as many engineers and scientists are we are . . . it’s up to us to make sure these kids can compete.

“To give this new generation the best education, we need a new generation of leadership. And that’s why I approve this message.”

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