Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ford Takes Corker To Woodshed For Lying About Record On Security

In case you missed it yesterday, Congressman Ford has released a new television ad taking Bob Corker to task for his lies about his record on security.

In the ad, Ford points out that Corker spent millions to defame his Republican opponents earlier this year, now he is trying to do it again. But Ford point out, he isn't going to let Corker do it to him:

“I started in church the old fashioned way . . . I was forced to,” says Ford. “And I’m better for it.

“I’m Harold Ford Jr. Here, I learned the difference between right and wrong . . . and now Mr. Corker’s doing wrong.

“First spending millions telling untruths about his Republican opponents, both good men, and now me. I voted for the Patriot Act, 5 trillion in defense and against amnesty for illegals,” Ford says.

“I approved this message because I won’t let them make me someone I’m not. And, I’ll always fight for you. Give me that chance.”

Amen, Congressman.

Personally, I love this ad. I am glad Congressman Ford is not backing down like most politicians do when their opponents lie about them and try to characterize them as something they are not. He is taking the fight right to Bob Corker.

Corker was successful in destroying Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary with dirty tricks and lies during his primary. But the people have caught on now. They saw that Corker lied then and they are seeing that he is lying again.

If he lied then and is lying now, who is to say he wouldn't lie when he got into office?

Tennessee can't afford Bob Corker!

Watch the new ad here!

Read Congressman Ford's real record on security here!