Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ford Shines On Kudlow While Corker Flails

Last night, Congressman Ford and Bob Corker appeared on CNBC's Kudlow and Company. They of course did not appear live at the same time as Bob Corker was too afraid to do so.

Instead, Congressman Ford went first, then after the commercial break Corker followed suit.

Congressman Ford did a great job in fielding questions from the conservative Kudlow. Kudlow questioned Ford on several issues including the debate over military tribunals, the wiretapping program, the dividend and cap gains tax cuts, as well as Iraq.

On the debate over military tribunals, Ford said he tended to agree more with President Bush. He said Congress should stay in Washington until some sort of agreement has been achieved on the issue.

When it comes to the wiretapping program, Ford said if there is a conflict of what the President can and can't do under the current law, the law needs to be amended. As he has said before, Ford indicated he does support the premise of the program, just not the way it is current being administered by the Bush Administration.

Kudlow then asked Ford about the cap gains and dividend tax cuts, in which Ford has supported in the past. During the appearance, Ford once again reiterated his support for the cuts and went on to say that there is growth happening in America in some parts and that Congress needs to find a way to incorporate more people so they can enjoy the prosperity of America.

Finally, on Iraq Ford once again said that we cannot leave Iraq until the job is done. With that being said he noted, he does not support the stay the course strategy that is currently in place. He said he favors the three state solution.

(Also, during the interview, Kudlow laughed at Corker's assertions that Ford is a liberal.)

Next it was Bob Corker's time to take to the air waves. However, unlike Ford, Corker didn't say much. Just bland talking points and more attacks and lies on Congressman Ford. (I will have more about his BIG lie a little later)

When asked to explain why Ford is liberal, Corker had no answer. None whatsoever. He made a complete fool of himself. To make matters worse for Bob, at the end of the segment, Kudlow, who knows Ford and his record very well, said he didn't think Ford was a liberal.

After watching this, I can see why Bob is running from debating Congressman Ford.

The guy has nothing. He has no record to defend and no vision to fight for.

The choice this fall is clear.