Friday, September 22, 2006

Ford Gets Tough On Employers Who Hire Illegals; Corker Adds To The Problem

As I reported yesterday afternoon, the Ford campaign has launched a new round of television ads which tackles the issue of illegal labor.

In the ad Ford says:

"To get control of our borders, we've got to get tough on illegals. Let'’s also get tough on employers who break the law. Bob Corker disagrees."

Congressman Ford is exactly right. If we as a nation are to get serious on illegal immigration, we have to target the employers who break the law and hire the illegal aliens as workers. That is a key element in stopping the inflow of illegals into our country.

This is a key difference between Harold Ford Jr. and Bob Corker in this race. While Ford supports going after the employers who hire illegals, Corker condones the practice. Heck, he even did it himself.

Harold Ford Jr. voted for toughest immigration bill ever to go through Congress and supports going after the employers who hire the illegals. Bob Corker as a business man hired illegal workers that in turn helped him millions.

Who do you trust to solve the immigration crisis? The choice is clear.

Watch the ad here!

Read the documents that show Corker hired illegal workers here!