Thursday, September 07, 2006 Takes Corker To Woodshed On Missed 911 Calls

Bob Corker said the Democrats were lying on him in regards to the missed 911 calls when he was Mayor in Chattanooga.

Therefore, the independent and well respected analyzed the entire situation to get the truth of the matter and eventually came up with the same conclusion Congressman Ford and and the Democrats did: Corker's failures led to missed 911 calls.

The DSCC reports:

A new independent fact check released yesterday by the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s reaffirms the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s (DSCC) ad claiming that tens of thousands of 9-1-1 calls went unanswered when Bob Corker was Mayor of Chattanooga.

“We now have yet another independent entity confirming that Bob Corker blew it when it came to fixing one of his city’s biggest security problems. The Corker campaign should stop denying and start explaining why he failed to fix Chattanooga’s 9-1-1 system when he was mayor,” DSCC spokesman Phil Singer said. “In a post 9/11 world, voters can’t afford to have someone with Corker’s failed security record in the Senate.” backs up research showing that the number of unanswered 9-1-1 calls “worsened significantly under Corker's tenure” and that the city’s former police chief said he asked the Corker administration for additional communications officers every year, to no avail. The analysis also notes that, contrary to the Corker campaign’s charges, the DSCC ad correctly attributes the 31,000 missed calls to Corker's ‘failures as mayor’ and doesn't claim they were all missed while he was actually in office.

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I wonder how Bob is going to spin this? Is the independent also lying about him?

What say you, Bob?