Friday, September 22, 2006

Corker's Former Rector: Bob's Excuse Not To Debate Is Flimsy

I love the following letter to the editor. The letter appeared in the Chattanoogan and is from Bob Corker's former rector in Chattanooga.

He hits the nail right on the head:

Corker's Excuse Not To Debate Is Flimsy
posted September 20, 2006

The United States Senate is a national forum. Bob Corker’s refusal to participate in a public debate with Harold Ford, Jr. on NBC’s nationwide television program “Meet the Press” raises serious doubts as to Mr. Corker’s ability to represent the people of Tennessee in such a national environment. Mr. Ford, on the other hand, readily agreed to the debate on NBC.

Mr. Corker’s reason for refusing, namely that he wants to devote more time to campaigning in Tennessee, is a flimsy and transparent excuse.

The citizens of Tennessee deserve better.

The Reverend Dr. H. Hunter Huckabay, Jr.

Just a few more words from those who know Bob the best....