Friday, September 29, 2006

Corker Declares State Of Emergency; Shakes Up Campaign Only Five Weeks Out

The Corker campaign is in serious trouble. And they know because as News Channel 5 reports, they are hiring and firing only five weeks from the election:

There's a reported shakeup underway at the Bob Corker for Senate Campaign.

The Corker campaign has hired a new media consultant, Fred Davis, the Hollywood media guru that has handled Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger campaign and who is already assisting GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Bryson.

Corker said Davis will now concept and produce his ads.

In fact, the new ad with Corker's mother is Davis' first new ad for the campaign.

Corker said his previous media folks will now handle buying media time and he tries to downplay any major significance to this change.

NewsChannel 5 political analyst Pat Nolan said change like this is huge, especially coming less than six weeks before Election Day.

What about the reports that Bob Corker fired his campaign manager?

Campaign manager Ben Mitchell is still with the Bob Corker camp, but there is a major new face coming in to run the campaign. It is Tom Ingram, former Nashville PR guru and Deputy Governor. Right now, he's serving as Senator Lamar Alexander's Chief of Staff.

Alexander, who previously rescued Fred Thompson's U.S. Senate campaign and led it to victory after a lackluster primary in 1994, is being tasked with turning around the Corker effort, which national Republicans and GOP leaders in the state have been concerned about since he won the primary in August.

Harold Ford, Jr.'s campaign has shown increased momentum and sources said this change is to re-energize the campaign before it is too late.

The two candidates are in a virtual dead heat. Some of the latest polls have Corker leading Ford by a few points, but others show Ford with a slight lead.

In response to these events, the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign said these changes are a sign of trouble in the Corker campaign.

Anyone who doesn't think the Corker campaign is in serious trouble is just ignoring reality.

The spin stop here.

Corker is going down.