Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Corker Campaign Sinks Lower; Uses Ford Sr. Vote Against Jr.

The Corker campaign is saying and doing everything they can in this race to lie about Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and his voting record.

The latest ploy? Using a vote Congressman Ford's father cast in Congress and saying it was Jr. who cast it.

That is exactly what pro-Corker liar extraordinaire Jay Bush did yesterday on this blog.

Bush wrote the following:

That's sure not how Congressman Ford voted. According to the nonpartisan, Ford "strongly opposes" the death penalty. Ford voted YES on replacing the death penalty with life imprisonment. (Bill HR 4092 ; vote number 1994-107 on Apr 14, 1994)

Yep, you read that right. Jay is accusing Congressman Harold Ford JR. or a vote that was cast in 1994.

Jay knows that Congressman Ford wasn't elected to Congress until 1996. He just thought he would use this vote that JR's father cast against him and that no one would notice.

But guess again. Someone noticed.

The level of dishonesty in the Corker campaign is really astounding to say the least.