Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Corker and Campaign Manager On Separate Pages; Corker Favors Death Penalty Only For Murder

The Corker campaign can't seem to get everyone on the same page when it comes to their talking points.

Read below:

Ford and the two major candidates for governor responded in a survey by the state chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police that they support all existing state and federal laws regarding the death penalty.

But Corker's response was more brief.
"I support the death penalty for murder," the former Chattanooga mayor wrote.

Tom Lee, Ford's senior adviser for communications and policy, said other death-penalty eligible offenses include treason, espionage and several terror-related crimes.

"It is beyond clear that the most serious penalties - including the death penalty - need to be available against the masterminds of terror, those who finance terror and those who are diabolical enough to engineer terror and never pull a trigger," Lee said.

Corker campaign manager Ben Mitchell said
Ford is "trying to make up positions that Bob Corker doesn't have." Corker's more complete answer to the question is that he supports all federal death penalty laws, Mitchell said."

So Mr. Mitchell is saying that Congressman Ford is lying about Corker because he really didn't say that he supported the death penalty only for murders on the FOP survey? Hmmm...lets check the FOP website and see what is says.

  1. For what crimes do you believe that the death penalty is appropriate?
FORD: Congressman Ford supports the death penalty in its current application under both Tennessee and federal law.

CORKER: I support the death penalty for murder.

Can Ben Mitchell not read? I mean seriously. Congressman Ford is making up nothing, that is what Bob said. He supports the death penalty for murder; that's all. That is all he wrote.

So if you or anyone you know commit treason, espionage, or any other related act...Bob Corker is your man because he doesn't favor capitol punishment for you.

Good job, Bob.