Friday, September 29, 2006

Bob Corker Didn't Show Up For Work 45% Of The Time

The Corker camp continues to be hypocritical in their attacks on Congressman Ford for missing votes in order to campaign here in Tennessee.

They have no problem with launching attacks left and right when the Congressman misses a vote, but what they fail to mention is that at the end of Bob Corker's tenure as Mayor, Bob himself didn't even show up for work 45% of the time.

As one blogger noted:

"Bob Corker has a dismal 55% job attendance rating his last 2 and ½ months as Mayor: Mayor Ron Littlefield was sworn into office on April 18, 2005. According to the Corker campaign between the dates of 02/01/2005 and 04/18/2005, while still Mayor, Bob Corker had 35 campaign events in cities outside of Hamilton County. So that equates not performing his full-time duties as Mayor for 35 out of 77 days. That’s just a 55% attendance rating."

So lets get this straight. Congressman Ford has shown up for 85% of votes this year. But during Bob Corker's final months in office, he only showed up 55% of the time.

Yet, he continued to give himself pay raise after pay raise.

Bob Corker cheated Chattanooga out of money by not coming to work. Don't let him do the same to Tennessee.