Monday, August 07, 2006

Will The Real Bob Corker Please Stand Up?

That is the question most folks are asking these days.

As I reported on here yesterday, it appears Bob Corker has exposed yet another character flaw of his, as he now says he supports raising the minimum wage, just weeks after saying he was against the existence of the minimum wage:

Three weeks after looking the cameras in the eye during a Republican primary debate and opposing the very existence of the minimum wage, Bob Corker yesterday continued a campaign without character by changing his position 180 degrees in a record three weeks time, now saying he would have voted to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25.

Corker's transparent self-interest on the issue of wages should come as no surprise to the people of Chattanooga; when Corker was mayor of that city he raised his pay at the same time he eliminated cost-of-living raises for city employees, and he continues to take a city pension, despite making $12 million while he was mayor.

But should we be surprised? Bob has a durable record of being dishonest throughout this election.

As Congressman Ford correctly noted yesterday, it is all about chracter:

"A leader with character doesn't oppose working people in July and claim to be for them in August. I have consistently voted to raise the minimum wage, and I did so last month when Bob Corker opposed me and the 450,000 Tennesseans who deserve a raise."

"A decent wage isn't a Republican idea or a Democratic idea--it's just a good idea. That's what a new generation of leadership is about."

So once again, will the real Bob Corker please stand up?

Tennesseans deserve a U.S. Senator with character. Not a fraud.