Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kleinheider Blasts Corker For Change On Minimum Wage

Over the weekend, I reported on Bob Corker's apparent change of heart regarding the minimum wage. I pointed out that only three weeks after Corker said he opposed the very existence of the minimum wage, that he now had come out in support raising it.

On Tuesday, conservative News 2 blogger, Kleinheider, called Corker out for his blatant inconsistency:

This is pretty flagrant. I remember distinctly that Corker did not favor a raise in the minimum wage and that Van Hilleary was completely in favor which I found intriguing. Corker has a history of changing positions to suit political realities.

I would suggest that he cut it out.

I could not have said it better myself.

First, we have right wing blogger Rob Huddleston expelling Corker's obvious flaws in this race. And now we have another conservative blogger outing Corker for his character flaws.

It just gets better with each passing day!