Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In New Ad Corker Continues To Self Embellish, Ignore Pressing Issues

As you may have heard, Big Oil Bob released another television ad yesterday focusing on you guessed it, himself. Bob once again tells you the story about how he poured concrete as a laborer when he was young then went own to own his own business later in life. You know, the same story we have heard fifty thousand times already in this election.

Once again, there is no substance to the ad. No meat and potatoes if you will. While Bob talks about himself extensively, he makes no mention of the major problems that Tennesseans face each and everyday like health care, gas prices, security, energy independence, and foreign policy, much the way the ads Congressman Ford has ran have.

This should not be surprising, as thus far in this election Bob has ran a self centered, issueless race.

He has no record to defend and has no vision to fight for--that is shown in his "me, me me" ads that he bombards us with.

Tennesseans want answers to tough problems and real leadership, not empty rhetoric and biographical repetition.

Don't be fooled this fall.

It is time for a change.

Harold Ford Jr. and his new generation of leadership is just the key!

P.S. In the ad Bob says he learned to respect people's hard work. However, does raising taxes on the middle class and being against raising the minimum wage show respect towards people's hard work? I think not.

Once again, Bob's rhetoric does match his record.