Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Corker Taken To Woodshed On Iraq

I am liking Kleinheider over at Volunteer Voters more and more.

Case in point, his post yesterday afternoon taking the Corker camp to the woodshed for their latest attack on Congressman Ford:

"The folks over at Blogging for Corker are taking Harold Ford to task for his position on the War in Iraq.

Really, shouldn't one have a plan for the War in Iraq before one starts taking apart somebody else's position? On Ford's call for the resignation of Rumsfeld, Corker says "those things are up to the administration."


"Ford is willing to look for new solutions that neither bang our heads against a brick wall nor results in our tucking tail.

Corker, from what we can tell, is either unimaginative, ignorant or (best case) merely a "loyal" party man. Neither of which will do in our present situation."

Amen. Amen.

I too find it funny how Corker and his henchmen attack Congressman Ford for his proposals on Iraq, when they have nothing! Bob just wants to stay the course.

Congressman Ford hit the nail on the head yesterday when he said, "I believe we need a new policy and a new direction in Iraq. President Bush and Mr. Corker are ignoring the reality of the present conditions in Iraq and no amount of spin will change that reality."

The Congressman is not only talking about change, he is putting forth real proposals that can bring about the change. His proposals are below:

  • President Bush should ask for Secretary of Defense, Don Rumsfeld, to resign. His gross mismanagement of the Iraq War has weakened our chances of winning in Iraq and undermined our national security interests in the region.

  • Because the sectarian violence is escalating inside Iraq, we need to consider implementing a three-state solution that will create separate and sovereign regions for the Sunnis, Shias and the Kurds. The policy and model that we used to bring the Bosnian conflict under control should be used as a guide to develop our approach in Iraq.

  • We need to undertake a large-scale effort with our allies and moderate Arab regimes to rebuild Lebanon. This will require considerable resources and our active involvement. The best way to undermine Hezbollah's influence in Lebanon and Iraq is to facilitate the restoration of a stable government. I applaud President Bush's pledge of a total of $230 million to help rebuild Lebanon. That is a good first step. But we also need to do everything we can to see that the ceasefire holds and that the global community commits the troops and the resources necessary to disarm Hezbollah and enforce the peace.

  • We need to move forward quickly and aggressively to break our dependence on foreign oil. We need to develop a Marshall Plan to invest in renewable and alternative energies, like wind, solar and nuclear and using Tennessee's agricultural products for farm-based fuels. Unless and until we break our addiction to oil, we will always be the world's oil cop. This needs to end."

Bob Corker's stance on Iraq?

The choice this fall could not be more clear.