Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Conservative Group Calls On Corker To Return Questionable Money

This is a story from last week that was really ignored by the mainstream media, but worth talking about.

It looks like Bob Corker is experiencing more problems solidifying his Republican base.

According to the Knox News, the conservative group, The Eagle Forum, is calling on Corker to return money he received from gambling companies in Tennessee.

The Knox News reports:

"A conservative group wants Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Corker to return a $2,100 campaign contribution from the president of a video gambling company.

"I think that's something Mr. Corker ought to consider doing," Bobbie Patray, president of the Tennessee Eagle Forum, said Thursday."

"Corker campaign manager Ben Mitchell said Corker will keep the $2,100 from Smyrna resident Jon Yarbrough, who is president of Video Gaming Technologies. The company makes video gambling machines, according to its Web site.

"While we understand why it's important to monitor who we're receiving contributions from, we think it is appropriate to accept money from Tennessee manufacturers," Mitchell said.

Patray, who fought against a state lottery in Tennessee, said, "I think gambling is harmful to families." She would not say if she plans to endorse Corker in the Nov. 7 general election."
Yep, you read that right folks. A traditional conservative group is calling on Bob to return this money that they feel is not in line with Republican values, but Bob says no, he is keeping the money.

Bob just can't seem to win over the Republican base. The more traditional conservatives hear about Bob Corker and his past, the less they like him.

Whether it is his record of raising taxes, hiring illegal workers, failures on emergencies responsiveness, or whatever else, he just is not exciting the Republican base.