Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chicken Bob Corker Does Disservice To Tennesseans By Agreeing To Only One Statewide Televised Debate

Yesterday, Bob The Fraud Corker sent out a release announcing his suggestion that he and Congressman Ford debate only three times in the coming months, with only one of those debates being broadcast statewide.

Corker suggested that the three debates be in Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville. However, I don't have to tell you that leaves out a large number of Tennesseans, as two of the three debates are not going to be televised statewide.

That appears to be Corker's strategy: the less people that see and hear the debate, the better off he figures he will be.

He doesn't want people to hear about his record of raising taxes, his ineptitude on foreign policy, his failure on emergency responsiveness, his hiring of illegal workers, his extensive ties to Big Oil, or his numerous character flaws and legal problems.

Put simply, he has no record to defend and has no vision to fight for.

Bob is really doing a disservice to Tennesseans by not agreeing to the full slate of debates across the state that Congressman Ford had proposed and accepted to be at.

Below are the debates that Congressman Ford agreed to participate in:

  • Knoxville, WATE-TV (statewide broadcast), September 21

  • Nashville, Newschannel 5 (statewide broadcast), Late September date to be determined

  • Memphis, WREG-TV, October 8

  • Tri Cities, WJHL-TV, October 9

  • Chattanooga, Chattanooga Times-Free Press, October 10

  • Nashville, AARP/PBS statewide broadcast, October 12

  • NBC Meet the Press, October 15 (Only Senate candidate in the nation to turn this debate down)

  • Knoxville, WBIR-TV and Knoxville News-Sentinel, October 17

  • Nashville, WSMV, mid-October date to be determined

  • Jackson, WNWS and Jackson Sun, date to be determined

  • Knoxville, Hallerin Hill WNOX, September 7

As you can see, the Congressman's suggested list of debates would give Tennesseans a far more better view of the race and where the candidates stand on the issues, as there would be at least one debate in every television market in the state.

That is what should take place.

As Congressman Ford has said, "Tennesseans want an honest discussion of the issues they face. They do not want candidates to hide behind buzzwords and catch phrases. They want to test the depth of our knowledge. They want to know whether we understand the issues that matter most to them. They care not whether our ideas are Republican or Democratic ideas, so long as they are good ideas. Genuine debate lifts up and illuminates these ideas.

Tennesseans, therefore, deserve numerous opportunities to determine who among us has the experience, the vision, and the independence necessary to confront the challenges facing the nation."

The stakes could not be higher in this U.S. Senate race. All Tennesseans need to see the differences between Congressman Ford and Big Oil Bob. We can't afford another six years of Bill Frist-like leadership!

It is time for a change and only one candidate is offering real change in this race and it ain't Bob Corker, even though he says he is. That is why we need debates so folks can see that!

Don't let Bob Corker hide behind his money and paid staff any longer!

Demand that he debate Congressman Ford around the state in every television market so no questions about the candidates will be left on election day:

Call: (423) 756-1994

Email: bob@bobcorkerforsenate.com

It is time for Corker to stop being a lying, fraudulent chicken and agree to debate Congressman Ford all over the state!

We deserve it!