Friday, August 25, 2006

But What Is Your Plan?

I am getting so sick and tired of Bob Corker and the Republicans criticizing Congressman Ford for his plan for Iraq and the strategies he has endorsed to secure our nation.

Maybe Bob has forgotten, but he is also running for the U.S. Senate. Because thus far in the race, he has not said one word about Iraq, Iran, our ports, our borders, or any other issues of national security.

So how can he and his henchmen criticize Congressman Ford day after day when he is actually putting forth ideas and solutions that would help the situation in Iraq and help secure our nation?

I really don't understand that. What grounds do they have to stand on to criticize Congressman Ford's plans and proposals when they themselves have nothing?

We know where Congressman Ford stands on national security, but where does Bob stand? What is your plan for Iraq, Bob? What is your plan and proposals to help secure our nation, Bob?

Why don't you come down from your $230 million pedestal and actually talk about some real substantive issues for once. You can't hide behind your money forever.

With each passing day, the people of Tennessee are seeing that you are nothing but a fraud with a serious character problem.

There is a reason why Corker won't release his tax returns or debate Congressman Ford, folks.

Remember that.