Monday, August 21, 2006

Breaking Big News: Ford Leads In New Poll

On Hardball today, Congressman Ford alluded to polling showing him doing very well in the U.S. Senate race

Below is a Ford Report exclusive on a new poll just out:

The race for U.S. Senate is tied, with Harold Ford, Jr. leading Republican nominee Bob Corker by 2%.

This represents a significant improvement in the Ford/Corker match-up from previous internal public opinion surveys conducted in June and it reflects two other changes – Ford’s favorable rating has overtaken that of Corker and support for Governor Bredesen has solidified considerably. Overall, the political climate, including the issues voters say they consider their top priorities, the discontent with the direction of things in Republican-led Washington compared with satisfaction with the direction in Democrat-led Tennessee, and attitudes toward the President, Governor Bredsen and the nominees in the race for U.S. Senate, are all represent advantages for Ford.

Ford Now Leads - Up from a 7% Corker Advantage in June

Since June, Congressman Ford’s favorable rating rose from 47% favorable/31% unfavorable to 55% favorable/29% unfavorable. During the same period, Mayor Corker’s favorable rating rose from 43% to 48% and his unfavorable rating more steeply – from 16% to 26%. Governor Bredesen enjoys a 77% favorability rating, which is up from 70% in February and essentially the same as his 75% rating in June. In contrast, 47% of Tennessee voters are unfavorable toward the President. While this is a slight improvement since June, it is lower than his February standing.


The Ford campaign will have more to say about this big news at some time.

Until then, savor in the good news!