Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bob The Fraud Fact Of The Day: Corker The Only U.S. Senate Candidate In Nation To Turn Down Meet The Press

Below is NBC's Meet the Press Senate Debate Series for this fall:

September 3rd - PENNSYLVANIA Incumbent Senator Rick Santorum (R) vs. State Treasurer Bob Casey (D)

September 17th - VIRGINIA Incumbent Senator George Allen (R) vs. former Secretary of the Navy Jim Webb (D)

October 1st - OHIO Incumbent Senator Mike DeWine (R) vs. Rep. Sherrod Brown (D)

October 8th - MISSOURI Incumbent Senator Jim Talent (R) vs. State Auditor Claire McCaskill (D)

October 15th - MINNESOTA OPEN SEAT - Sen. Mark Dayton (D) is retiring. Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar (D) vs. Rep. Mark Kennedy (R)

October 29th - MARYLAND OPEN SEAT - Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D) is retiring. Candidates to be determined in Sept. 12th Primary


Anyone notice a race missing from that list? Oh yeah, the Tennessee Senate race!

As noted before, Bob Corker is the only U.S. Senate candidate in the United States to turn down Meet the Press. Moreover, Corker has only agreed to do one statewide broadcast debate.

What a sham.

Why does Bob Corker wish to disenfranchise Tennessee voters?