Friday, August 04, 2006

Bob Corker's Character Problem: No Unity Breakfast Can Paper This Over

Bob Corker starts the general election as a negative campaigner with a “character problem,” according to Tennessee newspapers and several non-partisan watchdog groups.

The Nashville Tennessean has said the Corker “character problem” is directly related to his deliberate attempt to mislead voters in the Republican primary with a $6 million television campaign. The Knoxville News-Sentinel called one of his ads an outright "lie."

These are not partisan attacks. These newspapers and the nonpartisan groups from the National Taxpayers Union to Annenberg Political Fact Check agree: Bob Corker has a character problem. Indeed, Republicans have been even more critical of Corker, saying that the “questionable history” of his “phony” and “dishonest” politics, where “no lie is too big,” have created deep bitterness and disunity. As the General Election gets under way, we invite the press and Tennessee voters to review the these collective opinions and the facts that undergird them.

Said Michael Powell, Ford Senate Campaign Senior Advisor:

“Bob Corker starts the General Election and as a negative campaigner with a character problem. Those aren't my words. A mounting body of opinion from Tennessee newspapers and independent, nonpartisan watchdog groups have come to this harsh assessment.

“Congressman Ford will offer leadership for change and solutions to the big challenges we face. He respects the voters—of all political parties—too much to mislead them. He believes we need a full and truthful debate that focuses on the problems voters face everyday, and hopes that Bob Corker will clean up his character problem and start telling the voters the truth."