Thursday, July 27, 2006

Widespread Anger Over Stem Cell Veto

The USA Today is reporting that in their latest round of polling, they found that a big majority of Americans disagreed with the President's veto of the stem cell bill last week.

They report, "The poll shows a partisan gap: 61% of Republicans approve of the veto, compared with 19% of Democrats and 33% of independents.

Among those expressing disapproval, 76% say they were "very" or "somewhat" upset by the veto; 24%, not at all."

This should not be a partisan or political issue. This is about saving lives, plain and simple.

As Congressman Ford said: “This debate is mired in a left-right political struggle unfortunately. In reality, the axis is not left or right but is the future versus the past. Stem cell research is about progress and making the future healthier and safer. The expansion of research using stem cells could save lives through the development of new treatments for cancer, diabetes, sickle cell, Alzheimer's and spinal cord injuries. Too many in Washington, including President Bush regrettably, subordinate science for ideology. That is wrong. America has never hidden from a challenge or been afraid of the possibilities and potential of scientific advancement. We shouldn't start now."

I find it funny how the President, Bob Corker, Van Hilleary, and Ed Bryant all say they are pro-life, yet each of them are against stem cell research. I agree with Congressman Ford, if you say you are pro-life, you have to be pro-cure as well. Apparently, the Republicans do not understand that.

If you are like me and have people very close that are affected by a disease that could be cured by stem cell research, you better make sure you vote for Harold Ford Jr. this fall.

He is the only candidate running that would be a YES vote for stem cell research.

Save a life; vote Ford!