Wednesday, July 12, 2006

President Clinton Lends A Hand To Ford

A familiar face will be in Nashville next month, stumping in support and raising money for Congressman Ford and his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

This person, who served as President for two terms, carried Tennessee both times he ran, and left office as the most popular President in United States history (that should tell you it isn't W). Yep, he is none other than William Jefferson Clinton.

President Clinton will be in town on August 4th to rally support and raise money for Congressman Ford, who will then be in the general election against the eventual Republican nominee.

Below is the event information:

11:30 a.m. Coordinated Campaign lunch at $10k per couple
4:30-6:00 p.m. Reception at $1k pp
5:30-7:00 p.m. Larger, general recpt at $150 pp

Everyone needs to make sure they attend this sure to be great event! President Clinton and Harold Ford Jr. all in the same night--you can't beat that! Talk about a charismatic and intelligent duo! Is there any better?

I am going to leave you guys with some words President Clinton spoke about Congressman Ford 10 years ago, when the Congressman was first running for the U.S. Congress.

I think his words ring true more than ever right now:

"But when candidate Harold Ford was up there speaking tonight, I said, thank goodness that there's a young person and a young generation who believes that, yes, he got where he did partly because he worked hard, partly because God gave him a good mind, partly because God made him an attractive person, partly because he grew up in a family where he could learn about politics. But he doesn't want this job just to sit and warm the seat, or for the privilege of having power. He thinks he's there to help other people live out their dreams, too. (Applause.)

So when I was a little boy living with my grand-daddy, I don't believe he ever did work a five-day week in his life, I think he always worked a six-day week, full-time. I don't believe he ever worked an eight-hour day. I don't believe -- but he never thought that that meant he wasn't supposed to be for all of us working together to try to give every child a good education, or to try to grow the economy to where it benefited everybody.

And I've been mystified these last several years at this debate. And I think one of the reasons that the other fellows had so much success is they never had a chance to show people what they meant. And then they gave us that budget that did what it did to Medicare and Medicaid and education and the environment. And then we showed you could balance the budget without doing all that, that we could do the responsible, tough, disciplined thing and still go forward and go forward together.

So that's really the great question. That's why I talked about building a bridge to the future, a strong bridge and one that's wide enough for us all to walk across. This is the greatest country in history. This is the greatest country in history. (Applause.) We started out not even living up to the -- of the Constitution. We nearly tore the country apart to get rid of slavery. We spent another hundred years trying to get rid of the vestiges of it. We worked hard to give women more opportunities. Now we're dealing with such diversity that your wonderful Olympic gold medal winner who is over here was part of an Olympics -- (applause) -- I want you all to think about this -- was part of an Olympics that had 197 different nations represented. In the biggest country in America, Los Angeles County, there are representatives from 150 of those places. In your country, in one county.

So I say to you, if you believe that we can go forward and that our best days are still ahead, it's really worth investing in the life and career and growth and the spirit of a young man like Harold Ford, Jr. because he is basically carrying out what I think has always been America's best sense of itself. And I think now we understand that government is neither the problem, nor the solution, it's just a reflection of who we are at any given moment in time. And we've got to make it work to do what it can do so that we can make the most of our own lives."

Harold Ford Jr. is Tennnessee's "Hope". So many people's future and aspirations lie on the shoulders on this young man. That is how important this election is.

Join President Clinton and lets elect Harold Ford Jr. as our next U.S. Senator.