Monday, July 17, 2006

New Senate Projections Give Advantage To Ford

While the Republicans continue to eat each other alive daily, Congressman Ford has been going around the state spreading his positive and uplifting message of a new generation of leadership, and the results are showing.

Whether it be in fundraising, polling, or grassroots support, Congressman Ford is surging in all areas, and political pundits are taking notice.

Case in point, below is a new analysis from a political blogger, who now gives Congressman Ford the advantage in this race:

"Ford got another gift, like many of the aforementioned candidates, when State Sen. Rosalind Kurita dropped out of the race some time ago. Kurita was attacking Ford from the left (see a pattern developing yet?), but now she’s out of the picture so Ford can concentrate on whichever one of the Three Stooges he gets to face in November. Bob Corker, the former mayor of Chattanooga, is getting whacked from the right by former congressmen Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary. Hilleary is known around the state for his tendency to run brutally ugly campaigns, and neither him nor Bryant have demonstrated ownership of any sense of shame during this race. Corker’s internal polling shows him leading the pack for the Republican nomination, and he polls well against Ford, usually a point or two ahead but well within the margin of error. If Bryant were to win the nomination, he would have a weak advantage and might perform better in the general election because of his appeal to conservatives. I refuse to think of the possibility that Van Hilleary might win the nomination, not just because he is polling poorly but also because it would singlehandedly set back American political discourse three decades. One interesting thing to consider about this race is that Corker will probably win the primary, and conservatives who have been convinced by Bryant and Hilleary that Corker is pro-abortion and will raise your taxes are very likely to stay home, especially with no real competition to speak of in the state’s governor’s race. This bodes well for Ford, and that’s why I have him in a weak advantage this month."

With only a few weeks left for the Republicans to choose their nominee, Congressman Ford continues to grow stronger with each passing day.

People really are warming to his uplifting message and his strong leadership qualities all the while rejecting the Republicans continued personal attack and lies.

They are realizing it is time for a new generation to step forward and lead, to get our nation back on the right track.

2006 will be a year of change and Harold Ford Jr. will be leading the way!