Monday, July 31, 2006

Excerpts From Friday's Ford/Imus Exchange

Friday, Congressman Ford guest hosted the Hallerin Hill show in Knoxville. During that time, he appeared simultaneously on Imus In The Morning.

Some of the excerpts from the exchange are below:

Have You Touted A Ford Lately?

Ford was on "Imus" this a.m. to weigh in on current events. MSNBC's Don Imus, "a vigorous, enthusiastic supporter" of Ford's, opened the segment by endorsing him.

Ford, on Pres. Bush vetoing the stem cell research bill: "I thought it was a mistake. I think the stem cell bill is a pro-life bill in many ways because it's pro-cure. I think what it really demonstrates is that there's this big left/right divide in Washington -- that people are more caught up in screaming and yelling at one another than dealing with the issue."

On the situation in the Middle East: "One of the things we're hearing here in Tennessee on this campaign trail more than anything is not Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, but really whether or not we're going to hear and see and experience a new kind of leadership. And frankly, I think the leadership people want out of Secretary Rice and the president now is to figure out a way to stop the fighting. ... Obviously we want Hezbollah disarmed, but it's going to take American leadership to do that" (MSNBC, 7/28). Primary: 8/3