Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Desperation Getting To Blogging For Bryant

It looks as though reality has finally set in for the guys over at Blogging for Bryant. They have finally came to the realization that they are in last place in their primary with only a few weeks to go, and are trying to change that by putting out posts at a record pace.

Just within the past four days, they have posted a whopping 22 posts, 14 of which are vicious attacks on Congressman Ford and Bob Corker. (The front runner in the entire race and the frontrunner in the GOP primary, respectively)

It really is sad to see ole JB, HB, Rob, and newcomer Ned in this state of mind.

One can't help feel sorry for them and their desperate state.

Someone needs to tell them, they can blog and attack all they want--but the people have made up their mind and they do not want Ed Bryant as their next U.S. Senator. It is just that simple. They didn't want him back in 2002 and they don't want him now.

Tennesseans are ready for a new generation of leadership that will tackle the tough issues of today--not back away from them.

That is why Harold Ford Jr. is the frontrunner in this race to secure Tennessee's future.

More: Watch out for these guys over the next few weeks because they are going to be willing to say anything about Congressman Ford to score points from their base. When they do, just as always, we will hit them back twice as hard--with the facts and truth.