Thursday, July 06, 2006

Daily Kos: Harold Ford Came To Our Home Last Night :))

Hey guys, the story below is from the Daily Kos. Very good and interesting personal story about the Congressman's visit to Signal Moutain:

On July 3rd about 4 pm, I was grocery shopping when my husband called and said "Guess who is coming over tomorrow night to our home?". Naturally, I could not guess it and finally he said "Congressman Harold Ford". Whaaatttt??? Yikes. Our home, how did this happen? My husband had told the Ford Campaign that we would love to have a house party, if Ford is ever in town, we would love it if he would come over and visit Signal Mountain. He would be more than welcome in our home. Congressman Harold Ford had been campaigning in Sewanee and Dunlap for the 4th of July, so he could make it by our home on the evening of the 4th, could we do it. Bill said yes. We were excited, but, oh my, what have we done?

We had to work fast and furious to get this accomplished. Our house and yard had been neglected all weekend. Our son, Kyle, is autistic and out of school this week, so we needed to get care for him. Plus, we had all the other work that goes with throwing a party: inviting folks, planning the food and beverages and decorating the home. If it weren't for all my die-hard Democratic friends support and help, we would never have pulled off such a feat. Everyone came through from the florist to the caterer to the caretaker to the photographer, all big Democrats and eager to help with it.

My dear friend, Aimee, a wonderful cook, mother of three, and strong Democrat who also operates a home catering business with another mom, offered to cook a ton of food. She made pasta salad, bacon/parmesan wrapped breadsticks, chicken salad puffs, spinach dip, crab bites, a watermelon basket filled with fruit and berries, and a to die for cocoanut cake. Aimee, her husband Doug, and friend Lisa, put hours into a delicious and beautiful table full of party food. I told Aimee to bring her three young children with her and they played with the other kids at the party. After the party, we would all go (including Congressman Ford) over to town and watch the fireworks. Unfortunately, it rained, but the kids were exhausted, so it worked out okay.

The Ford campaign, friends, Bill and I called and emailed our friends to tell them about the event. We told them to call their friends and other Democrats and come over to our house, if they are having company, they could all come along. The word spread quickly: nearly 100 people showed up. Oh and I should mention, we live just up the street from Bob's mom. Bob Corker, that is, one of (a.k.a. Three Stooges) of the the GOP running in the Senate primary. Please click on the link- it is hilarious. We were most impressed with how well and eager the grassroots and netroots folks are to get the word out and invite. Everyone wanted to meet Congressman Ford.

People realize the seriousness of this Senate race. It is important because the Democrats can regain power in the Senate. Right now, we are powerless. We cannot govern at all because we have no control in the Congress, Executive branch and the Judiciary. There are no checks and balances which are necessary for a democracy to function. All of the problems that we have today are the fault of those in power and it all falls squarely on the Republican's shoulders.

We need to get the Democrats back in power in order to govern fairly, effectively and challenge the corrupt and inept neo-con policies. Harold Ford will do this. Ford articulated his stance on topics from Iraq to global warming. He cares about the future of our country and the next generation. This is why so many showed up with little notice, over a holiday, and in a so-called red area, offering willing to work their tails off to help Harold Ford win. This is what patriotism is. Happy Fourth of July to all.

Thanks to everyone who helped, showed up and listened to Harold Ford. Thank you Harold Ford and your wonderful team on your campaign. We look forward to having you as our Senator from Tennessee.