Friday, July 07, 2006

Bo Don't Know Corruption

Bo Heyward, Republican U.S. Senate candidate (might as well let him join the other three stooges), yesterday asked on this blog: "I'm just wondering why you fail to mention Democrat corruption because one would have to be naive to think it's only in one party."

Well Bo, the answer to this question is quite simple. The corruption in Washington D.C. and all around the nation is centered around Republicans. Yes, granted, you may find one or two Democrats who have some ethical concerns, but it is the Republican Party that has had far and away the most corruption. It is the Republican Party that has had folks sent to prison, indicted, under investigation, subpoenaed, etc.

Another reason is that while the few Democrat cases are singular acts, the Republicans cases are all connected together. Just look at the Jack Abramoff scandal. It has already took out a number of U.S. Congressmen, and has landed a number of Republican workers in prison across the nation. The culture of corruption web is very big for the GOP.

And what has the Republican party done to remedy the problem? Not a dang thing. They elected someone who is closer to K Street than Tom Delay to be the new House Majority Leader. Good job!

Since his election, Boehner has called proposed ethics laws "childish" and put the issue at the end of his agenda.

The Republicans are the ones who have created this mess. I really don't think anyone disputes that. The least they can do is fix the mess.

However, I really don't see that happening because that would take political will--something the Republican Party is not known for.

So in 2007, it will be up to the Democratic Party to once again reform government and make it what is should be--honest, efficient, and transparent.

That is your answer Mr. Heyward.

P.S. Bo this advertisement for your campaign will cost you $25. I accept cash, check, or money orders. (Just kidding!)