Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bloggers Recognize Ford's Pro-Second Amendment Views

I have said throughout this election that it is going to be hard for the Republicans to try and paint Congressman Ford as some out of touch liberal, when his record shows that his views are right in line with everyday Tennesseans.

The following commentary from Volunteer Voters seconds that notion as it talks about Congressman Ford's strong record on guns and the Second Amendment:

Uncle Say reviews the US Senate candidates on guns:

Based on the candidate’s web presence, it seems there’s little info on the Republicans. No specifics on what they support or do not support. The only bit of hard data seems to be a scant voting record for Ford and Hilleary. Seems to be little difference between Corker and Bryant. Ford’s and Hilleary’s outlying factors are nay votes to decrease the waiting period so I’d say Bryant and Corker edge them out.

An interesting post. Van Hilleary's no vote on decreasing the waiting period is especially intriguing. I would have assumed that Hilleary and Bryant would have been identical or nearly identical on the issue.

As expected, Ford will not be outgunned, he is as conservative as the conservatives on guns.

Ford's position effectively neutralizes the issue in this election, in my opinion. Gun nuts like Unc may be interested in the nuances but all the candidates seem to be pro-gun to one degree or another. To the casual observer, Tennessee's senator will be pro-Second Amendment -- no further discussion needed.

Unc talks of sending a questionnaire to the various candidates to nail down the details:
I think I’ll send these guys (or their campaigns) a questionnaire about gun rights and see if they respond. I doubt they will respond to this anonymous gun nut but it’s possible so leave any questions you have in comments.

I don't have any questions to add for consideration in the proposed survey, I'll defer to the gun nut expertise, but I will offer the power of my "position."

If the candidates do not respond, Unc, feel free to send it me and I'll send it off under the auspices of a media sponsored blog. Might be harder for them to ignore then. Then again, maybe not. Worth a shot.

Whether it be on gay marriage, guns, or faith, the Republicans have nothing on Harold Ford Jr.

They know it too. That is why they are resorting to lies and attacks to try and mislead voters about him.

However, that is not going to fly in this election because voters are ready for a real change.

It is time for a new generation of leadership!

Bring it on!