Friday, July 21, 2006

Amen, Brother!

All I can say to the following commentary regarding this week's race that saw Ralph Reed defeated is, Amen!

The headline of today's Washington Post article says it best: "Republican Candidate Linked to Abramoff Loses in Ga. Primary." It's refreshing to see voters—and in this case Republican voters—reject a candidate who has engaged in such underhanded nastiness as Ralph Reed. His advocacy for casinos reveals that Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, has in the past answered to no higher calling than the almighty dollar.

As someone in the media who's been keeping tabs on the Republican corruption scandals of the past few years, it's been frustrating to watch these scandals barely register on the public radar. But in the Reed-Cagle race, the story of political corruption clearly had a direct impact. The Post article explains how the gambling story tainted Reed's run early on:

...[Reed's] first run for elective office was damaged by revelations that Reed had mobilized Christian voters against Indian casinos—for fees totaling more than $4 million—to benefit gambling interests that had employed Abramoff as a lobbyist.

Once that was reported, Reed's fundraising dried up. Polls began showing Cagle climbing from obscurity to competitiveness.

Click here to see a graphic depiction of how Ralph Reed got tangled up in Jack Abramoff's nefarious business.

Are you listening John Boehner? It is time to act. This should clue you guys in!

Folks are tired of your game! R-E-F-O-R-M!