Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why Couldn't He Have Stayed On Vacation?

On Wednesday, every one's favorite spinmiester, Jay Bush, returned to the blogosphere.

In his first commentary since his return, Bush tried to spin the new Zogby poll results that came out earlier this week saying:

"With all three Republicans within the margin of error when matched against Ford, there should be no cause for celebration. However, Bob Corker's U.S. Senate campaign touted the poll showing a statistical deadheat in the race as a positive sign that Corker was "beating" Ford. Considering that Corker has already spent upwards of $1.6 million on a statewide television and radio ad blitz, but is still in a statistical dead heat with Ford, should be a cause of concern for the Corker camp.

If you look at previous polls conducted by Zogby and Rasmussen Reports, Corker has always either trailed Ford or been in a statistical deadheat with the Memphis Democrat in potential general election matchups -- making his post-media blitz 4-point lead all the less impressive. Corker's task is now to convince Republicans his fundraising advantage makes him more electable than his conservative opponents against Ford. Corker's problem is that he can't win the primary without conservative support, so the more he tries to mask his record of raising taxes, past support for abortion rights and hiring of illegal immigrants, the more Corker looks like a hypocrite to Republican voters. I think voters will support a candidate they don't necessarily agree with on all the issues, but they won't ever support a hypocrite.

Corker's hypocrisy about his record is why he's the weakest candidate Republicans could possibly nominate to face Harold Ford, Jr. this Fall. Even Van Hilleary -- the first Republican to lose statewide since before 1994 -- would better be able to distinguish himself from Ford. Like Corker, Ford too is a hypocrite -- a Memphis liberal running as a conservative Democrat to appeal to red state voters. With no primary opposition, Ford has remained relatively unscathed over the past few months. Voters haven't heard about Ford's liberal congressional record yet. The Republican nominee will be charged with getting the truth out about Ford. How can Corker get the truth out about Ford when he won't even level with voters about his own record?

The Zogby poll tells Republican voters what Ed Bryant has been saying all along, we shouldn't underestimate Harold Ford, Jr. When making a decision about which Republican candidate to support, primary voters shouldn't just look at the polls and the money. Look at character and principles. Ed Bryant has always been honest and straighforward about his conservative record. With Ed Bryant, what you see is what you get.

Next, Republican primary voters should consider which conservative is the most electable. The decision is clearly between Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary. While Hilleary has a conservative record, in the '02 gubernatorial race he was unable to beat a "moderate" Democrat in Tennessee. He lost in the Republican stronghold of Knox County and was unable to unite the Republican party behind his candidacy because of his divisive primary tactics.

Ed Bryant, on the other hand, has been endorsed by grassroots conservative activists, like Tennessee Tax Revolts' Ben Cunningham, Tennessee Right to Life and the American Council for Immigration Reform. All passed on Hilleary, despite his higher name recognition. Of the two conservatives in the race, Bryant is the conservative the grassroots trusts most. Additionally, Bryant's geographic base of West Tennessee is a strength when facing Ford. Bryant has been endorsed by some 30 elected officials from Memphis and Shelby County. Having represented West Tennesseans in Congress, Bryant appeals to many conservative Democrats who already know and trust him. He can put Democrats in the Republican column that Hilleary and Corker likely could not.

Bottomline, Republicans have a lot of work to do. Beating Ford is no slam dunk and all the Republican candidates are not equal, even if the latest polling says they are. Forker has no reason to celebrate."

However, Jay's poor attempt at spinning the poll did not go without a response. The blogger, Dainel, said the following:

"Geez, this is just embrassaing to say in public... read your posts from late October and early November.

When Ed Bryant showed strongest against Ford in that Zogby poll, you touted it as evidence he's on top. Now that he's polling weakest versus Ford and Corker has all this momentum (the reason you said Van shouldn't be excited by merely standing still in polls) it's now supposed to scare the others?

From a psychological standpoint I really am interested in whether you whole-heartedly believe your perspective or if you yourself think it's spin. Either way, it's getting a little deep in here...."

I must say, I agree with Daniel here.

Jay, your time has come and passed. No one really takes you seriously anymore. Whether it was you creating false identities to fake support for Ed, or your continuous lame spinning, you have lost all creditability.

You should have just stayed on vacation my man.

P.S. JB, you probably missed it when you were on vacation, but that lie about Harold Ford Jr. being a liberal was blown out of the water. Sorry.