Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Update: Bob (The Fraud) Corker Hired Illegal Immigrants And Is Lying About It

Only days after Bob Corker started running television ads that depicted the former Mayor of Chattanooga as being the "tough on illegal immigration" candidate, the Chattanooga Free Times Press is reporting that back in 1988, four illegal immigrants who were working for Bob Corker, were arrested on a construction site in Memphis.

The Chattanooga Free Times Press reports, "Corker campaign officials are not disputing the incident in which the then-federal Immigration and Naturalization Service arrested four illegal immigrants at the Riverset Apartments project on Memphis’ Mud Island, according to a March 17, 1988, account in the Memphis Commercial Appeal."

Once again, Bob Corker has been proven to be a fraud. And he is taking heat from both sides of the political isle:

The Ford Campaign's Response: "Michael Powell, a senior consultant for the Ford campaign, said, "Bob Corker owes the voters of Tennessee an explanation about why he hired illegal workers for the Mud Island project."

The Hilleary Campaign's Response: "Once again Bob Corker is misleading voters with his slick advertising campaign. First Bob Corker ran a television ad saying he was responsible for a lower tax rate when he in fact is responsible for INCREASING taxes multiple times by millions of dollars, then he ran an ad misleading voters about his record of supporting abortion rights, and now he has an ad claiming that he will be tough on illegal immigration when he has a record of using illegal immigrants on his construction projects," said Jennifer Coxe Hilleary campaign spokesman. "This is just another misleading ad in Bob Corker's attempt to buy this Senate seat with a false advertising campaign."

The Bryant Campaign's Response: "This only underscores the critical difference between Bob Corker and Ed Bryant," stated Bryant spokesman Andrew Shulman. "As a former JAG officer in the Army who taught constitutional law at West Point, a former US Attorney for West Tennessee and a former member of Congress, Ed Bryant has spent his entire adult life upholding and enforcing the rule of law. Clearly, Bob Corker cannot say the same, nor can he be trusted to solve the illegal immigration crisis facing our country. This is exactly why Bob Corker would lose to Harold Ford, Jr."

I agree with my fellow Ford blogger, Alex, when he notes that of all the hypocritical actions that have taken place in this race, "this one takes the cake".

Corker should be ashamed for once again trying to defraud the people of Tennessee.

With each passing day, Bob becomes more like his mentor Don Sundquist.

Update: Hey guys, new evidence clearly shows that Corker has been lying about his hiring of illegal immigrants.

In the Chattanooga Free Times Press article linked above, Corker and his campaign tried to skirt around the truth by saying that is was a subcontractor from Texas to blame for illegal immigrants being on the site.

However, we now have learned the company from Texas that Corker tried to blame was in fact cleared off any wrong doing by the INS.

Instead, the INS blamed Corker's Bencor for the problem.

Mud Island

In 1988 when Bob Corker was owner of Bencor, federal authorities arrested four illegal aliens at a construction site where Bencor was the general contractor.

Bencor was the general contractor for a project to construct the “luxury Riverset Apartment” complex on Mud Island, an area located just outside of Memphis. (Commercial Appeal, 3/17/88). Subcontractors on the site included J&G Framing (or Framers), based in Magnolia, TX.

In January 1988 there were “allegations” that Bencor, or one of Bencor’s subcontractors, had hired illegal aliens at the Mud Island project. At that time, Bencor officials “denied [the] allegations that Bencor or any of its framing and concrete subcontractors were using illegal laborers” (Commercial Appeal 3/17/88). Rick Lowhorn, then president of Bencor, claimed he looked into the matter himself and checked Bencor’s subcontractors to determine whether any of them had hired any illegals. After completing his inquiry, he denied any wrongdoing. Lowhorn was quoted as saying:

“I’ve been informed by our subcontractors that everybody is legal.” (CA 3/17/88)

However, on March 16, 1988, federal authorities “arrested four illegal aliens from Mexico who were [working] on the luxury Riverset Apartment” project (CA 3/17/88). Bencor officials continued to deny any knowledge of their employment despite the arrests, and they refused to accept any responsibility for the incident. Now, Lowhorn changed his story:

“Contacted Wednesday [March 16, 1988] about the arrests, Lowhorn said the problem was not with his company but with a subcontractor. ‘We are totally 100 percent within the boundaries of the law,’ Lowhorn said. ‘Bencor Construction Co. has cooperated 110 percent. There was a subcontractor that there may have been a problem with, but that’s not anything we’re responsible for.’” (CA 3/17/88)

A special agent for the local INS office concurred with Lowhorn, saying “authorities believe the four illegal aliens were working for J&G Framing . . .” (CA 3/17/88).

Although only four illegals were arrested that day at the Riverset Apartment project, the INS reported that they were informed many more illegals were working on the site. According to an INS synopsis report summarizing the events in the Mud Island case, an “unknown source” told them the following:

Reported from unknown source 30 to 50 illegals working at the Mud Island site. (INS Investigations Administrative Information Sheet, 1/11/89).

In the end, Bencor was counseled – not charged – regarding the incident. INS investigators reported having conducted two “meetings” with Bencor “and several of the subcontractors” (INS Investigations Sheet, 1/11/89). However, the INS did not conduct meetings with J&G Framing, once thought to be the actual employer of the illegals. .According to INS officials, J&G Framers were not responsible for the employment of the illegals.

J&G Framers were not present at these meetings. Several illegals arrested at the site. None were employed by J&G Framers. (INS Investigations Administrative Information Sheet, 1/11/89)

It was understood that Bencor appeared before Memphis City Council with regard to the case but do not have those minutes to substantiate.

[[About J&G: According to Secretary of State in Texas, J&G was issued corporate charter on 5/20/83. Records show that J&G listed a street address for tax year 1993 at 21914 Ralph Circle, Magnolia, TX 77255.]]