Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Republican Corruption Run Rampant In Ohio

It looks as though Bob Ney is not the only corrupt Republican in Ohio:

A state ethics official said four current or former officeholders from the Toledo area will be charged with violating state ethics laws.

The charges are in connection with the investigation into a major Republican donor who admitted to illegally funneling campaign donations to President George W. Bush's re-election bid.

Ohio Ethics Commission executive director David Freel said the four will appear in court tomorrow on ethics charges of failing to disclose gifts.

The prosecutor in the case told Freel about the impending charges.

Lucas County Commissioner Maggie Thurber, Toledo City Councilwoman Betty Shultz, former Toledo Mayor Donna Owens and former state lawmaker Sally Perz have been under investigation over whether they broke ethics laws.

The four women have been identified as being among of two dozen friends and associates whom federal authorities said Tom Noe used to illegally funnel money to Bush's campaign.

The expected filing of the charges against the four was first reported in The Blade Tuesday.

Does anyone have a count on the number of stories like this I have posted about Republicans either being under investigation, charged, indicted, arrested, or sentenced? It seems they are the give that just keeps on giving.

However, John Boehner and the do nothing Republican Congress still keep saying there is no Republican culture of corruption.

Just another example of how out of touch with reality they are.