Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Poll Silences Ford Doubters

Flashback one week ago. Do you guys remember just last week when Washington Times writer Donald Lambro said few people are giving Ford a chance of winning come this November?

We knew that was false then when we exposed that lie by posting dozens of expert accounts that said Harold Ford Jr. indeed has a good chance of winning this U.S. Senate race.

However, our belief that Ford is for real was only re-emphasized yesterday when a new Zogby poll was released that showed Ford dead even with all of his Republican counterparts.

With each passing day, Ford is silencing his doubters one by one.

He is tied in the polls with the Republicans. He is out fundraising them big time. And the energy all around the state is very high for Ford and his campaign.

All in all, this are looking great for Ford. Arguably, he has the momentum in the race right now.

I bet it drives the Republicans crazy to have Ford as the frontrunner in this race five months out from the general election. A year ago, this state was firmly in the Republican column. However, that is no longer the case.

Can you say Senator Ford?